Agreement between Tencent and Pubg

On September 7th, 2020, Tencent and PUBG Corporation announced an agreement that would benefit both parties. Tencent, a Chinese multinational conglomerate, had previously been the publisher of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds in China. However, due to the Chinese government’s strict regulations regarding video games, PUBG Corporation was forced to take over publishing rights and create a separate version of the game specifically for China.

Under this new agreement, Tencent will now be the exclusive publisher of PUBG Mobile in China. This is a major win for Tencent, as PUBG Mobile has been an incredibly successful game in China, with over 50 million daily active users. The game is particularly popular among younger players, which is a demographic that Tencent has been specifically targeting in recent years.

For PUBG Corporation, this agreement means they can focus on developing the game and releasing new content, without having to worry about the logistics of publishing in China. Additionally, Tencent has committed to supporting the development of PUBG Mobile, which will likely result in faster updates and improvements to the game.

However, it’s worth noting that the relationship between Tencent and PUBG Corporation hasn’t always been smooth. In 2018, PUBG Corporation sued Tencent for copyright infringement, claiming that their mobile game, “Rules of Survival,” was a direct copy of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. The case was eventually dropped, but it did cause tension between the two companies.

Overall, this new agreement is a positive step forward for both Tencent and PUBG Corporation. With Tencent’s resources and expertise in the Chinese market, PUBG Mobile is poised for continued success in one of the largest gaming markets in the world. Meanwhile, PUBG Corporation can focus on what they do best – creating an engaging and exciting game for players around the world.